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Pick Six Week Seven

HOU 20 vs JAX 7

Bortles Finally Sees The Game From The Bench

I still cannot believe how long it has taken the Jacksonville organization to finally realize that they have made a grave mistake in trusting Blake Bortles for the next few years. They should've realized by now, with his inability to make smart passes, and his obvious capability to throw up meatballs to the other team. Once again Bortles was unable to perform, even as an average skilled quarterback, never mind someone who was deemed the franchise’s future quarterback just this past offseason.

He found little success when he actually threw the ball, and called his own number 6 times in the half resulting in zero points. While already having a costly fumble in the first half, ol' Bortles lets the ball slip from his fingers again to start the third quarter, ending his night, and beginning of Cody Kessler’s. The second string QB stepped in and was able to find the end zone once, to salvage what was otherwise an offensive nightmare of a game.

Houston couldn't produce much offence themselves, as Deshaun Watson only completed 50% of his passes and threw for less yardage then Kessler (who came into the game during the second half). Good thing Lamar Miller found room to run, gathering 100 yards and finding the house for 1 of the Texans 2 touchdowns in the game. The Texans still proved to be the team to beat in the AFC South while the Jags struggle to even stay in the playoff race. I hope, for the Jacksonville fans, that the Jags don't turn back to Blake.

CAR 21 vs PHI 17

Cam Can, Can You Do The Cam Can?

Ohhhh Philly, where is it all going so wrong this season? Just when it seems that the Philadelphia Eagles are gaining some momentum, not letting the Super Bowl hangover or sudden injuries slow them down, they find a way to let the Panthers explosive offence come alive in the final quarter of play. I understand that you're up by 17 in the fourth quarter, but playing smart, game managing football is so crucial when facing a dangerous team, with so many weapons, such as Carolina. Just ask the 2017 Falcons how crucial clock management is. Carolina was able to spread the ball evenly amongst its receiving core of Devin Funchess and Christian McCaffrey. Cam Newton was able to find faithful tight end Greg Olsen for a touchdown, saving some fantasy owners’ nights I'm sure, as he was only able to gather 5 yards on 2 catches.

Even still, the Panthers willed their way back in this game by never letting their foot of the gas. Luke Kuechly was an absolute tackling machine, which is nothing surprising by now. The rest of the defence was able to keep pace with the stud defender, as they were able to knock the ball away three times from the hands of the Eagles, recovering one. This just speaks to the constant persistence, and drive the whole team showed all 48 minutes. It’s why they’re my favourite to win their division, and be serious competitors this playoff season. And for the Eagles, it’s a definite must win week 8 against a very weak, but unpredictable Jacksonville team previously mentioned above.

NE 38 vs CHI 31

Hail Barely

The only thing that’s important to focus on in this game is the dying seconds. The score was the outcome I'm sure most predicted. Chicago is a bright, up and coming team, taking on a New England Patriots squad who's been there, done that. With the score 38-31 and the clock down to its final moments, Mitchell Trubisky channeled his inner Aaron Rodgers and unleashes a hail Mary, in hopes of scoring a touchdown, hopefully sending the game to overtime. The ball, spiralling towards the awaiting Bears and Patriots players alike, finally falls into the waiting arms of The Bears Kevin White. Unfortunately, the throw had fallen a couple yards shy of the end zone, and he was immediately swarmed by defenders, collectively keeping him out of the end zone. So much excitement in the matter of seconds. This seems like all too of a familiar story for the Bears, as they just come up short of stealing a game from an elite squad.

LAR 39 vs SF 10

LA Ram Their Way Through San Fransisco

Just your weekly Los Angeles Rams update. Theyre still unbeaten….. Need I really repeat myself about this team? They're just so good top to bottom. Keep a watch for them to continue winning.

CIN 10 vs KC 45

Patrick And His “Mahomies” Jump The Bengals

Kansas City proves once again this week they have no intentions on slowing down their offence. And why should they? This has to be one of the most exciting teams to watch on a weekly basis. Kareem Hunt decided to put the cherry on top of his ridiculous night by literally jumping a defender. Not to mention, he pulled a disappearing act, getting lost in the huge D-lineman, before appearing for his magical jump. He found his way to the end zone three times in the game, and looked nothing short of unstoppable any time he touched the ball.

Once again, Patrick Mahomes was able to shred through an NFL defence, and showcase his own talents; Also insuring all of his teammates felt the love, spreading the ball and executing great throws. It appears the only way to derail this train, headed directly for the Lombardi Trophy, is to out-score them. Seems nearly impossible considering they've had one game scoring under 30 points (27 against the Broncos, still walked away victors). For those who dare challenge this team at their own game, I wish you all the best. It was nice to know you. The Chiefs are only getting more dangerous as they continue to build chemistry.

NYG 20 vs ATL 23

All Hail The New York Giants?

Want a way to make super easy money? Go place a bet on the New York Giants losing a football game. That’s guaranteed money right there. This team couldn't make it any more obvious at the fact they would like another shot at a high pick, hopefully to right the wrong they may have done this past draft. They seriously just keep finding new and inventive ways to be within striking distance of a game, make a questionable play call, then blow any chance of winning they had.

This week, the Giants decided to mess around with the two point conversion option. That's fine and dandy, however, the Giants could've pulled it to within a seven point game had they just kicked a field goal. Instead, the Giants failed to convert on the two points, thus making it an eight point game. Jump ahead a little to a Falcons possession on fourth down. A field goal opportunity from the spot of the ball would've been from 50+yards. I truly believe had it only been a 7 point difference in the game, Atlanta plays it safe and punts the ball to try and let their defence maintain the lead.

The defence had been destroying the Giants offence all night, constantly pressuring throws. However with the gap being eight, the Falcons trotted out the field goal unit. The Falcons had just recently signed their kicker as well, so this was showing a ton of faith in the newcomer. But without a bat of a lash, he nailed the kick through the uprights, taking a truly commanding, and insurmountable lead late in the game. New York made the score look salvageable having Odell bail out his QB out with a toe tapping, back of the end zone catch.

Finally, Saquan Barkley was able to convert the two point convert and bring it to within three. At that point though, the only hope and/or prayer left in that building was an onside kick recovery (which of course they didn't recover.) I know it's against all rules to purposely throw an entire season, but I'm certain that's what we're seeing. There's been too many instances where the Giants have had the opportunity to win, and the play calling has handed them the loss. Remember last year when the Giants pulled Eli and the entire state went into a frenzy? Calling for the entire management team to be thrown out of town based off of that. Think anyone would cause any resistance now? If they did, well, they're wrong.

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