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NHL Round 1 Playoff Bracket

Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay Lightning (1st Atlantic) vs Columbus Blue Jackets (2nd Wild Card)

Brant: Tampa in 6

Brandon: Tampa in 4

Nick: Tampa in 5

Mack: Tampa in 5

Boston Bruins (2nd Atlantic) vs Toronto Maple Leafs (3rd Atlantic)

Brant: Boston in 6

Brandon: Boston in 6

Nick: Toronto in 7

Mack: Toronto in 7

Washington Capitals (1st Metropolitan) vs Carolina Hurricanes (1st Wild Card)

Brant: Carolina in 7

Brandon: Carolina in 7

Nick: Washington in 5

Mack: Washington in 6

New York Islanders (2nd Metropolitan) vs Pittsburgh Penguins (3rd Metropolitan)

Brant: Pittsburgh in 5

Brandon: Pittsburgh in 7

Nick: Pittsburgh in 5

Mack: New York in 7

Western Conference

Calgary Flames (1st Pacific) vs Colorado Avalanche (2nd Wild Card)

Brant: Calgary in 6

Brandon: Calgary in 6

Nick: Calgary in 5

Mack: Calgary in 5

San Jose Sharks (2nd Pacific) vs Vegas Golden Knights (3rd Pacific)

Brant: Vegas in 5

Brandon: Vegas in 7

Nick: Vegas in 7

Mack: Vegas in 7

Nashville Predators (1st Central) vs Dallas Stars (1st Wild Card)

Brant: Nashville in 4

Brandon: Nashville in 5

Nick: Nashville in 5

Mack: Nashville in 6

Winnipeg Jets (2nd Central) vs St.Louis Blues (3rd Central)

Brant: St. Louis in 7

Brandon: St. Louis in 6

Nick: Winnipeg in 6

Mack: Winnipeg in 6

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