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NFL Pick Six: Weeks 7 & 8

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The Undefeated’s Refuse to Give an Inch

Week 7 Results Week 8 Results

SF @ WAS 9-0 Win SF vs CAR 51-13 Win

NE @ NYJ 33-0 Win NE vs CLE 27-13 Win

It’s really no surprise to me to see these two teams continue on their winning ways. Both Week 7 matchups saw the 49ers and Patriots shut out the opposition. Mind you the oppositions have abysmal offences and weather was a huge factor in the San Fran game.

Week 8 was truly no different except that each club faced more formidable teams and should’ve seen a tougher test; “should’ve” being the key word. Once again the Patriots and 49ers defence rose to the challenge. The 49ers forced Kyle Allen into three interceptions on the day (the first three of his career) while the Patriots… well their defence once again found the end zone on a forced turnover

Madden Curse Sneaks Back Into Action

If you’re a fan who dabbles in the video game aspect of the sport, then you’ll be more than aware of the dreaded Madden curse. If not, here’s the quick version; you grace the cover of Madden, your percentage for something disastrous happening in the season sky rockets to crazy heights. Don’t’ believe it? Have a look at reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes. Madden 20’s poster boy, on what appeared to be nothing but a harmless QB sneak on 4th & 1, left Mahomes laying on the ground in discomfort unable to get up. Being labelled as a dislocated kneecap, the injury will appear to have Mahomes on the shelf for at least a few weeks. Certainly not the worst outcome for the young gunslinger, but certainly not what anyone expected from the play. The curse….lives on

Rodgers Five TD Day (W7) Follows Up With Sunday Night Showing. Is He Back, Or Never Went Anywhere?

Just when it appeared that Aaron Rodgers had lost his ability to clutch up, the soon to be 36 year old is having himself another one of “those” seasons. By one of those seasons, I mean the one where he is literally hitting every receiver in the perfect location no matter the field position or route. I mean one of those seasons where Rodgers is creating and extending plays with his legs. The one where you need a touchdown, Aaron Rodgers is going to go get you a touchdown. The past two weeks showed just how bad this man can be.

In a Week 7 matchup against Oakland the quarterback had himself a day recording 5 touchdowns. There is a clip that can be heard of Rodgers stating “I want 5 today”. He was certain to carry all that momentum into a Mahomes-less Kansas City meeting where Rodgers put up an additional 3 touchdowns. Back to back weeks without an interception I might add. With only 2 interceptions on the campaign, it’s very obvious Rodgers is locked in. He has been able to once again shoulder the burden of the offensive load as his star wideout Davante Adams has struggled to stay healthy and Aaron Jones has been consistently inconsistent. Yet, here the Packers sit 7-1 atop the NFC North and seemingly only getting better. Perhaps though, the most difficult challenges have yet to come with matchups against the 49ers, the Vikings and the Lions still weeks away.

NFL Notable Trades

Raiders trade Gareon Conley- 2020 3rd round pick Texans

Falcons trade Mohammed Sanu – 2020 2nd round pick Patriots

Broncos trade Emmanuel Sanders, 2020 5th round pick – 2020 3rd & 4th round pick 49ers

Lions Trade Quandre Diggs, 2021 7th round pick- 2020 5th round pick Seahawks

Patriots trade Michael Bennett- Conditional 2021 7th round pick Cowboys

Dolphins trade Kenyan Drake- Conditional 2020 6th round pick Cardinals

Jets trade Leonard Williams- 2020 3rd round pick, conditional 2021 5th round pick Giants

Browns trade Genard Avery- 2021 4th round pick Eagles

Rams trade Aqib Talib, 2020 5th round pick- 2022 7th round pick Dolphins

Bridgewater Holds It Down, Brees Continues In Return

For most backup quarterbacks, stepping in for five weeks and never losing a game would mean that the conversation of who the legitimate number one QB is should be had. However, most backups aren’t filling in snaps for a bonafide future hall of famer. This was the situation that Teddy Bridgewater found himself in as Drew Brees recovered from thumb surgery. In five weeks of starts for Bridgewater he was able to obtain 1205 passing yards, 9 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. He showed excellent decision making as he was able to manage games from start to finish, keeping his team in a position to win. Teddy would lean on the plethora of options the Saints have to confuse defences and keep them guessing on play calling. He was able to settle comfortably into games as the pocket would hold for routes or holes to develop.

It was definitely a superb showing for Bridgewater after an unfortunate career of battling injuries and waiting for his moment. If you’re the Saints organization you can breathe a huge sigh of relief as not only do you have the captain of your offence back, but you now know the abilities of the man behind him. Don’t worry folks, Drew Brees did what Drew Brees does best in his return from injury, and you would’ve never been able to tell it was thumb surgery that held him out for five weeks.

Brees Stat line: 34/43, 373yds, 3TDs/1INT

Game/Storyline To Watch: Houston Texans

JJ Watt’s season is finished. Deandre Hopkins blockbuster trade rumours are nothing but past whispers and what could’ve been. With a 5-3 record, and the division lead still within distance to take, the Houston Texans must start to break away from a crowded AFC South. No better place to start to make moves than Week 9. With this game taking place in London, England against the division rival Jacksonville Jaguars, the Texans have the opportunity to take advantage of a loud and rambunctious crowd in what will be classified as an away game. This will be the perfect bench mark to see whether the Texans have the power to lift themselves to the top, or whether the weight of success will leave them pinned to the bottom.

HOU 22 JAX 16

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