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NFL Pick Six: Week 5

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Terry Schmitt/UPI

Patriots Refuse To Lose

It’s becoming quite apparent that nobody told the New England Patriots that the season following a Super Bowl victory, you’re supposed to have some sort of a regression. Then again, the Pats organization hasn’t really done much by the book. This game was pretty well a foregone conclusion before the opening kick as the Patriots traveled to play the Redskins who hadn’t won all season long. Brady returned to form, putting up 348yards 3TDs/1INT, as well as finding his favourite receiver Julian Edelman for 110yards & 1TD. Sony Michel found his most running yards all season with 91 while adding a TD to the stat line.

No White Flag Here, 49ers Stay Perfect

In what probably should’ve been my prediction for the game to watch for week five, the 49ers put their own undefeated record on the line as a visiting and struggling Cleveland Browns team came to San Fran. And who knew there would’ve been so many takeaways from the game. From the initial handshake (or not handshake I’m still a little unclear to be honest), to the Nick Bosa flag plant (my personal favourite part) reminding fans this game might’ve had a little more to it. What was clear though, was that San Francisco had no plan to let up for the entirety of the contest. Bosa was a complete headache all night as he got to Baker twice for 2 sacks (one being the prior mentioned strip sack). Not to mention the defence as a whole frustrating Mayfield into an abysmal passing night for such an elite potential offence.

Mayfield was 8/22 with 100yards and 0TD/2INT. The 49ers easily could’ve run away with this game behind their defence alone, but the offence made sure it was a whole team affair. In a way, the 49ers still ran away with the game, as they relied on the strength of their run game. Matt Brieda (114yards) and Tevin Coleman (97yards) each were major parts in the 275 team rushing yards and both were able to find the house to cap off an amazing effort all around.

Mahomes Injury Keeps KC Step Slower Than Victorious Colts

Finally, a team has figured out the consistent key to keeping the Kansas City Offence in check…sort of. I say sort of for multiple reasons. Sort of because although the Chiefs were held to only 13 points, Mahomes stat line still read 22/39 321 yards 1TD/0INT. Nothing to be mad about. My next “sort of” reasoning comes from the simple observation to the key injuries to the Chiefs on the offensive side of the ball. Coming into this game the Chiefs would be without their top receivers Hill & Watkins. To make matters even more difficult Mahomes would suffer a foot injury in the game that would limit his mobility.

All of these missing cogs to the KC system were really all the Colts needed to ensure that KC felt their first L of the season. Well that and a sprinkle of Marlon Mack running for 132 yards. The Colts were able to play aggressive defensively, applying pressure to the box whenever they could to get Mahomes hobbling to avoid being sacked. They successfully held Mahomes out of the end zone after the first quarter, allowing Brissett to have an off night and still win. I will say however, Mahomes touchdown pass in this game was only justifiable by the Madden gods…

Undefeated: Who Will Break First

New England(5-0): vs New York Giants

San Francisco 49ers(4-0): @ Los Angeles Rams

It’s hard to imagine NE losing this week’s matchup against the Giants. Even with all the prior history of the Giants playing upset to the Pats, Giants are missing too many offensive weapons (Barkley most notably) to compete against one of the league’s most feared defenses in the game.

San Francisco faces off against another team struggling to find consistent offence. The LA Rams haven’t been the normal powerhouse team on both sides of the ball the league has gotten used to seeing. That opens the door up for a young and hungry 49ers squad looking to stay perfect.

Storyline To Follow: Packing His Bags On The Jags?

Expecting a baby, seeing a specialist, or just not feeling it; whatever the reasoning Jalen Ramsey had for missing the last two games appears not to be disappearing. Some would argue that Ramsey has been just fine and not playing due to personal reasons he has with the Jacksonville organization. Ramsey did request a trade earlier in the season, one of seemingly many players not happy with their current situation. However much like all the others who followed suit with a trade request, management shut down any false hope. Reassuring the league and fans that Ramsey would be a Jag for as long as possible and for as much as possible. The Jaguars have openly said they would be willing to make Ramsey one of the highest paid players in the game. With recent report of management and Ramsey sitting down for a “heart to heart” the bridge between athlete and organization may be a lot stronger and a lot closer to understanding each others wants.

Game to Watch

Philadelphia Eagles(3-2) vs Minnesota Vikings(3-2)

A couple I could’ve chosen from easily. Watch the 49ers defend a perfect season. Watson vs Mahomes. Even go with last week’s theme and watch WAS vs MIA to see who wins for the first time. But this game to me has more weight on it than other game heading into week six. Both teams sit within a very tight division race. Both teams have the ability to win the division but are struggling at time to find offence. The Eagles and the Vikings have electric players on either side of the ball capable of making a game filled with highlights and an old school dog fight until the last whistle.

Prediction: 28-23 Vikings

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