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NFL Pick Six: Week 3

Jasen Vinlove

Rookie Arms Flex Their Muscle

Kyle Allen (Car)

I know Kyle Allen isn’t a true rookie, as he was technically a Panther last year. However, he never played a full game, and he was cut and reassigned by the Carolina organization a couple of times. Despite his week 17 start last season, this game

should be remembered as his first NFL game as a starter. Allen showed confidence in the pocket, and intelligence as the playcaller, as he was able to lead a balanced Panthers offense. One might've guessed that Allen was the first overall pick rookie QB everyone has been raving about, not his counterpart Kyler Murray (30/43, 173 yards, 2/2 TD/INT). Kyle Allen, this was definitely your spotlight.

Stat Line : 19/26-261yards-4/0(TD/INT) CAR 38 ARI 20

Gardner Minshew II (Jax)

Gardner Minshew, on the other hand, is a legitimate rookie. Being a 6th round pick usually means you don’t have the immediate pressure to perform in your first year. Since taking over for an injured Nick Foles, Minshew has shown he has the ability to gunsling at the right moment, hit receivers in stride, as well as give the Jags the opportunity to win games. He helped the Jags secure their first W of the season with this week’s performance. One 'moustache' themselves if he can keep the swagger rolling into Week 4.

Stat Line: 20/30-204yards-2/0(TD/INT) JAX 20 TEN 7

Daniel Jones(NYG)

Perhaps the most hyped rookie of Week 3, however, was Daniel Jones; and for very good reason. Jones definitely didn’t disappoint, going blow for blow with the Bucs until the final bell. Jones gave the Giants faithful something they've been missing for years, a quarterback. He helped Engram and Shepard both to 100 yard receiving days. He managed to over shadowed Mike Evans near perfect perfomance (3 TDs) by putting up an amazing comeback for the win. Jones was responsible for 4 TDs (2 through the air, 2 he scored himself), all while Saquon Barkley had left due to injury early in the game.

Stat Line: 23/36-336yards-2/0(TD/INT)-28 RSH YDS-2 RSH TD NYG 32 TB 31

Shootout in the Midwest

KC 33 vs BAL 28

The Chiefs proved once again that the football field just isn't big enough for two highflying offenses. Lamar Jackson and a revamped Ravens offense hoped to come in and be quicker to the draw, but were outdueled in the end. Jackson couldn’t find the end zone through the air, while Mahomes slung 3 to the house. Keeping Baltimore within striking distance was Mark Ingram carrying the load. Literally though as he had 103 yards and 3 TDs on the day. As good as Ingram was, Mahomes continues to show elite accuracy, power and IQ leading the Chiefs to dominating wins over opponents even without big name receivers (Travis Kelce being the only household name). Mahomes is the permanent sheriff in town.

The Undefeateds

A list of the Undefeated teams left in the league and who they will play the upcoming week.

Green Bay Packers(3-0) vs. PHI Kansas City Cheifs(3-0) @DET *Detroit Lions(2-0-1) vs. KC New England Patriots(3-0) @BUF Buffalo Bills(3-0) vs. NE Los Angeles Rams(3-0) vs. TB Dallas Cowboys(3-0) @NO San Francisco 49ers (3-0) BYE WEEK

You’re guaranteed to see a smaller list next week as both the Chiefs/Lions and Patriots/Bills face off.

Farewell AB

Brown done with NFL....apparently

Dear Antonio Brown,

I'll make this about as long as your 2019/2020 season, but probably not as entertaining.

I want to thank you for your tenure as a New England Patriot. Your one game stop will not be forgotten, as it helped us secure a big rivalry win over the Dolphins in Miami... I hope your time away from the NFL is what you need to make sure your feet can properly heal from any further injuries, or maybe now you can persue a career in the helmet design field. Just ask an NHL goalie all the fun you can with your helmet. What' I'll struggle with the most about your exit is that you've pretty well sealed the fate on your HoF bid.

Whenever we look back in history at the player you were it will forever come with this asterisk. People will forget your sideline awareness. Fans will forget your burner ability off the line. The league will never remember you for your pearly white smile that graced the Madden cover just one year prior to your departure. All they will be able to remember is that 'Tony Toe Tap' might've taken it one step too far.

If I have any advice for you going forward it would be this.... The CFL is made for offensive weapons like you.

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