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Inject Islanders fans' tears into my veins

They've made it well known since July 1st, 2018... Islanders fans are not happy with the decision made by now Maple Leaf John Tavares. It was on that day that Tavares would be leaving that dumpster fire of an organization, and playing out the next seven years of his career with his hometown team. It's a move that most people around the world can understand... unless you're from New York.

Now I can't say that everyone in New York feels the same way about the situation, but it seems as though a large majority feel the same way as the people who created the "Dear John" video. If you haven't seen that video yet, you can view it here:

It's very evident that Islanders fans are having some serious trouble over losing their superstar centreman, and believe me, I understand. Let's be realistic though, it's not John's fault that your organization was run by men who had no idea what they were doing. For nine seasons, as you know very well, he was given absolutely nothing to play with and never had the chance to succeed. What was he suppose to do, continue hoping that things would change and that he'd be surrounded with new talent? Blame Garth Snow for the scar he left on the faith of Tavares.


I hear your arrogance now, thinking you've made it with the "we're in first place" and "we don't need you" comments, but obviously neither of those points are true. As the standings sit right now, the Islanders are four points back of the Maple Leafs, five behind the Bruins, and about 100 or so behind the Lightning.

As far as not needing him, sure, you've done well without him; based on what you've been saying since he left however, it's very clear that you all needed him in your life. If anything, you needed him to stop your tears from flowing.

The main reason I'm here however, is to set the record straight on this strange nickname you have given to our number two centreman (yeah your hero might not even be our best centreman... how much does that hurt?).


Pajama boy? Everyone has seen the picture of a young Tavares donning a ton of Maple Leafs paraphernalia while deep in his slumber. But it's clear that Islanders fans haven't paid much attention to it. I have the expertise on maple leafs pajamas, this is what they look like:

Everybody caught up? Cool. Now here is what Tavares was sleeping in:

Very clear that the unbelievable get up that I am wearing in the first picture is pajamas. Also very clear that the picture featuring a young JT features a Maple Leafs bed set. So where does the "pajama boy" nickname derive from?

Is it simply the fact that young John is more than likely wearing pajamas while sleeping underneath the sheets featuring his favourite team? If that's the case then shouldn't every player be known as pajama boy? I don't know, seems like belittling a guy who broke your heart because of his childhood decisions is a little sad, no? But I guess Islanders fans know a thing or two about being sad this year.

But cheers to you Islanders fans. I hope all the crying you do helps you sleep at night. Snake, Traitor, Pajama boy, no matter what you call him, John Tavares will be a Toronto Maple Leaf for the next seven years... I hope you like getting scored on.

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