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An Open Letter To The Brewers Bullpen

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Dear Brewers Pen,

I'm incredibly sorry that our time has come to an end. I always hoped that this moment would never come, and it pains me to have to write these words right now. I'm sorry I couldn't get this to you sooner, but I was too busy wiping my tears away after watching that slimeball with the ridiculous hair celebrate a world series visit.

Every last one of you had me loving every minute of this series. Sure, Jeremy Jeffress, you had a rough couple of games down the stretch. The inning and a third you had in game seven may have contributed to a big loss, but that's okay. I am just glad i was along for the ride through all of its ups and downs.

68 strikeouts gentlemen... 68 in seven games. You baffled the entire Dodgers roster for seven straight games, faltering only slightly at times. It was a pleasure to see so many Dodgers hitters swing and miss at everything flying by them.

Josh Hader, I know it's been a tough year for you outside of the game. Sure, you said some stuff in poor taste when you were young, but who hasn't (apparently quite a few big leaguers did)? All outside issues aside, you were a treat to watch on the mound for the entire postseason. 10 full innings, not a single run allowed, only one walk, and only five hits. To top everything off, you fanned 16 batters over the course of the series, 12 of them in that final series. I can safely say there may be a number 71 jersey hanging in my closet come next season.

I don't want to leave anyone out, but I don't have much time. Knebel, Soria, Woodruff, Guerra, and all the rest of you, it has been a treat. As a Toronto Blue Jays fan, it's great to see what a well put together bullpen can look like (@ Ross Atkins.) I surely hope that some other teams will follow suit with what you've done here in this postseason, because boy, it would be a blast to see all year long.

I'm sorry that the MVP of your team couldn't figure it out for the better part of the NLCS. As the probable MVP of the league you would expect better numbers than a .179 average with only one RBI, coming on a solo shot in the final game. If only he could've handed you a couple of runs, maybe I would've been able to save this letter for a much happier moment.

Do me a favor and wish most of the Dodgers roster good luck; I guess money really does trump everything. I say most, because as I have previously mentioned, I'm real sick of seeing that asshole Manny Machado act the way he does on the field. I can only take so much of the whiny kid act, but when you top it off with a foot swipe of any first baseman, you don't really deserve to win anything.

So yes, Bellinger, Taylor, Kershaw, Puig, Kemp, I hope they all get what they built this team to go out and get. I know there's a handful of players out there that have been through a lot on this team trying to win it all, and I'm happy for what they've accomplished.

On a positive note, cheers to all of you! Thank you for giving me a little bit of faith in how much fun this game can really be. I hope this isn't the last time I get to watch this unit dominate.


Your newest and biggest fan,


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